Post Production (Completed)

We are currently, nearing the end of post-production for Ocean Road, which probably causes some people out there who wonder what exactly “post-production” is.  I figure I might outline the various steps and tasks that post-production entails so you can have a better understanding.

“Post Production” for any sort of film or video project is a generally linear process. As the term suggests, “Post” happens after the principal photography is finished. Broadly, it encompasses:

  • Picture editing
  • Sound effects editing
  • Music composition
  • Visual effects
  • Sound mixing
  • Color correction

That’s also roughly the order things happen, although there’s the occasional round-tripping between steps.

Although none of the members of my group were editors or wanted to follow it as a career we decided on Ethan being our main editor. Some of the early on difficulties that we faced was finding our story, after coming back from filming we realized that all the footage we got didn’t really complete the story we were trying to get across to our audience.

Lighting was a bit of an issue as we were shooting at the beach in the day, we wanted to give the doco an even lighting look. We have been editing the brightness and contrast through the use of editing, by making an “S” shape when using the YUV curve. This will help with bringing down the exposure darkening the bright light of the sun. Sound also played a big part of the post-production, because of factors such as wind and the sound of the waves crashing in the background. We were able to fix this with the help of another editor, who helped us to resolve this issue by teaching us how to balance the sound levels and remove some of the background music. We can do this by selecting the clip with the loud sound and turning the volume of the clip down, we will do this until the volume of the clip is balanced and matches the sounds levels of the other clips.

We want to give our doco a beachy color tone, we will need to use colour correcting, to give the film an orange tinge to make it look like it has been set in the evening. We can do this by playing with the 3 way colour wheel on Premiere Pro, which we will be using to edit our film. We can also use the YUV curve to reduce the brightness.

There is a point in the introduction that the music works with really well its a build up to the title screen. The music slowly builds up the bringing it to a really nice build and bass sound. Just before it gets to the title screen it just cuts out bring the title out. Overall as a team, we have worked to overcome the difficulties of editing, I can say for my self that I have learned a lot from this experience and I’m sure the rest of my team has as well.


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